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Which Home Jewellery Safe Lock is Right for You?

When purchasing jewellerysafes, the Choice of the lock is an important decision. As soon as you have chosen a fantastic quality safe and decided what size safe you need it is time to take into account the lock. While locks can be changed later on it is in your best interest to choose the most suitable lock for your house jewellery secure right up front.First, be sure you are only considering locks which are United Laboratories recorded as higher security locks. These are the only locks that will offer the protection you need for your house jewellery safe as well as the jewellery inside! There are three unique styles of locks which may listed by U.L. as high security, the conventional combination lock, the digital lock and the biometric lock.

The conventional tumbler lock has a strong appearance Mantonsafe That many people feel comfortable with. But more significant than look is performance and for the less experienced jewellery secure user these locks can be very cumbersome to open. The high security combination lock typically includes a 3 digit combination. The tumbler is typically rotated four times left to the initial number, three times directly to the next number and twice left to the third amount completing with a turn to the right. While this isn’t necessarily hard it is time consuming and must be done with precision. A lot people need glasses to achieve this task as our eyes require a little bit of help to find the little tick marks. The combination lock offers reliable and secure access to jewellery safes but isn’t the quickest way to enter your house security safe.

Electronic or digital locks are very popular due to the fast and convenient access they provide to the contents of bank safes for sale. Together with your own safe you will get lock directions that guide you in easy instructions on opening your own safe and placing your own combination. Then, whenever you choose you can change the mix without the help of a locksmith that is required with a combination lock. These locks have a lockout feature which prohibits thieves from advertising trying different combinations hoping to get lucky and get the safe open. Three or four wrong combinations results in a 15 to 20 minute lockout period. These locks have their batteries stored in the outside faceplate offering easy accessibility. The batteries are often the very common 9-volt battery found at most markets. Electronic locks offer you quick and effortless access to the contents of your house jewellery safe at a really reasonable price.