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Various Pathways For Obtaining Quick Facts About Work Visa

The HK is your dream destination to live and work for innumerable foreign Nationals throughout the world. To satisfy the demands of critical IT skills and agricultural labour, there are lots of work visas for the United States. If you are planning to work in HK, you will have to choose the ideal work visa which range from temporary work visas to swap worker visas. The demand for foreign labour in the agricultural industry to white-collared executives and IT professionals in large corporations, there is always a requirement for employees and labour in various sectors. If you plan on working in HK, then you need to understand that different tasks Require another category visa, so if you are an IT professional that your visa will differ from that of a seasonal employee or an investor.

For temporary work visa: The H-2B visa is granted to Foreigners that are in US as seasonal employees, working on non-agricultural jobs like beach resorts, amusement parks and other national sectors. Before foreign workers are permitted to come to HK, the HK employer must state and prove that there is a scarcity of HK labour and that is the reason they are searching for workers overseas. A labor certificate is provided to the prospective employers and just on this basis can the temporary employees enter HK.Licensed employees on temporary basis: The most sought after IMMANUEL CONSULTING for the HK, the H-1B is for technical skill-based, work visa given to foreign workers sponsored by HK companies. The majority of these visas are provided in the area of IT, telecommunications, electronics, engineering, math and study.

Visa for agricultural employee: With intensive migration to larger Cities, there is always a shortage of agricultural employees and that is the reason a separate working visa hk class defines the requirement. The H-2A visa or the US seasonal agricultural worker visa is given to foreign workers and agricultural labour.Green card Lawful permanent residents:

Having a green card, you don’t have to have the mandated employment authorization card that is usually necessary for foreign nationals to work in HK. When you have got a green card, then you are a lawful permanent resident and can later apply for citizenship. On a green card, you have got nearly all of the rights and benefits as that of any HK citizen.Aside from these broad categories of visas, you will find specific Categories that specify the reason of foreign nationals working in US. Students enrolled at a full-time academic study programs are entitled to work for 20 hours per week while those on trainee visa, where employment is part of their program, need another visa to work in HK.