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Do You Want A Collection Of Luxury Yachts? Find It Here!

Do you like to collect vehicles when? Do you want to have your yacht on? The new yachts will answer all your ship-related questions. They have a lot of luxury yachts because they are dealeryachts of several well-known brands. Many luxury yachts with the best facilities for your sailing comfort. With more than 20 years of experience, this company is always trusted. You can find new yachts at ASIAMARINE.

How is the Management Owned?

At ASIAMARINE, there is a professional team that always ensures the best service for all clients. They offer a lot of new and used boats for sale. Apart from buying them, you can also rent cars and cruises that are offered. You can also choose the place as your destination. Yacht management aims to provide reliable service so that they can enjoy their free time and can control their budget at all times.The following is management that is owned:

  • First, Administrative Services. Consists of registration and licensing, customs processing, company ownership, books and accounts, and coverage
  • Second, Yacht It deals with suppliers (marinas, shipyards, etc., maintenance and repair programs, supplies and parts management, and crew management.
  • Third, Yacht Charter Management. Business Plan, Operation Setup, and Service that contains the definition, positioning, and branding of Yacht Charter products, Registration and charter licenses for Asia, Market survey, budgeting & marketing plan.
  • Fourth, Charter Agency and Clearing House services which consist of central planning and reservation, sales and marketing services
  • Fifth, Ship Management consists of the organization and management of charter operations, maintenance and repair programs, management of supplies and spare parts, bookkeeping, and accounts
  • Sixth, the Crew Agency contains crew management including payroll, tax filing, and work permits